Thursday, January 26, 2012

Volvo will build a variety of small cars

Volvo will launch a travel version of C30 - V30 in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2012. In fact, V30 Volvo only plans for the next few years, one of a variety of car. Recently, some media reports, Volvo car will seek common development, and manufacturing partner.

Volvo V30 spy shots

With the trend of environmental protection, small car has become increasingly important. But the cost is very high to product and put many small cars, which is why Volvo while also working to find partners to develop. In fact, Volvo's Stefan Jacoby also recently revealed in an interview for the first time related news.

Jacoby said that Volvo is open towards partners, Volvo will seek a win-win situation, both sides will share engines, platforms and so on. Jacoby also said he has some potential partners in mind, but he also emphasized that there is no cooperation in the details of the program.

Volvo is currently developing a new modular platform, called SPA (Scalable Platform Architecture). However, this platform is designed primarily for medium-sized and larger vehicles to consider. And is not suitable for future small car. Subsequently, the Volvo may have to develop a new small car platform to replace the old outdated car platform.


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