Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mitsubishi Outlander 3rd Gen will be the first product of Guangzhou Automobile

Mitsubishi Motor Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Vice President Yoshinori Yamazaki told reporters recently, Mitsubishi Outlander EX Jin sector will become its new joint venture in China, the product of choice. Obviously, this is a wise choice.

In 2011, Mitsubishi sales in China reached 26,000, an increase of 12%; Outlander sales of more than one million, is the best-selling Mitsubishi cars in China. The first generation Outlander was short in Beijing Jeep production, but did not gain market acceptance. The current version of the Outlander was born in October 2005, after six load spring, will usher in the third-generation models. Mitsubishi to be a joint venture established in China, just to catch up with the pace of the birth of the third generation Outlander.

Today, the Chinese automobile market, consumers SUV models, but expect higher comfort and fuel economy; many consumers to buy SUV's just like a shell model with SUV - now go and crosses more Ridge, then the four-wheel drive functions just fancy decoration. Toyota Highlander produced only in the 3.5-liter four-wheel drive models available; to DNA cross-country proud Jeep, new products, more emphasis on urban use; a car hard to find the Volkswagen Tiguan, nine cars only four provided 4MOTION. With vertical and horizontal track and repeatedly won the Dakar Pajero PAJERO, compared with a low drag, stylish Outlander EX Jin sector more in line with the needs of Chinese users.

Said Yoshinori Yamazaki, fourth-generation Pajero PAJERO not manufactured in China. By Mitsubishi Motors joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile, Changfeng, hanging signs PAJERO Mitsubishi Pajero is the third generation model (V73); hanging signs cheetah models are purchased by the Mitsubishi PAJERO Changfeng Pajero production line and process process to create, is the second generation Pajero models PAJERO (V31/V33). The fourth-generation Pajero was born in 2006 PAJERO, currently importing the form of the Chinese market, which is three short axis V83/V87 version, V93/V97 are five full-size version.


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