Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Subaru Forester 2012 will be released in April

Subaru Forester is a best-selling urban SUV under Subaru, and always are hot in the world after coming in 1997. The nowaday third generation Subaru Forester was born in 2007, with the arrival of cycle facelift, the development of fourth-generation Forester is also underway. According to the latest news shows, the fourth-generation Forester will be released in November 2012.

[Cash] the third-generation Forester
Vehicle information, with the first generation, second-generation design of the third generation Forester different in body size and interior space are closer to the performance SUV, with the first generation of the Crossover line, the second-generation models different, because of the third generation to go SUV-style Forester makes the convenience and practicality has been fully improved, and thus attract more consumers. But also the expense of many keen on Crossover models the consumer's identity. For this fourth-generation Subaru Forester will be re-planning, to meet different consumer needs.

[Cash] the third-generation Forester
New car information, it is learned, the fourth-generation Forester will be a platform for third-generation model-based build from, will be re-designed appearance, the body has a 4600 × 1780 × 1680mm size, vehicle use more style movement and personalization elements, may be more rounded shape. In the third generation model has been criticized on the interior will also refer to the lion to improve texture. New car will emphasize technology and comfort, the latest Subaru EyeSight and SI-DRIVE also be included with the list.

[Previous generations of the Forester Crossover style route]
Power, the current model of the EJ20 2.0L boxer four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine will no longer be available, replaced by a turbocharged 1.6L boxer engine, the output power will be reduced to 161 kilowatts, but the fuel consumption performance is better. In addition, a hybrid version of the new car will also increase. The forest people carrying cash of FB20 2.0L horizontally opposed four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine is still primarily configured, the system will be fully replaced by variable speed CVT continuously variable transmission.


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