Sunday, January 22, 2012

BMW 1 Series coupe and BMW 1 Series convertible special version on sale

On the occasion new BMW 1 Series F20 on sale, the original BMW 1 Series Coupe and 1 Series Convertible has not yet reached the time-facelift, so the original convention BMW to launch special edition cars to deal with. Both two-door or convertible models, 1 Series buyers have the Edition Exclusive and Edition Sport with options such as two kinds of exclusive, hope remains in the end product line sales performance.

Edition Exclusive emphasis on texture and shape mainly through the appearance of many chrome accessories (Chrome Line or Shadow Line), to make more eye-catching style prominent, rims are 16,17,18, three sizes available, body painting and more the Mineral Grey color and the other five regular special color. Leather interior part of the Boston-based, using Pearl Grey color with contrasting color stitching, complemented by metal threshold trim, pedals and other accessories, so that buyers sitting in the car interior feels especially different.

Edition Sport model as literally stressed that campaign, with the well known appearance of the M aero models, and Carbon Black lightweight aluminum trim ring and M models, size 17 and 18-inch two kinds, in addition to black grille , smoked tail group, etc., with the M Sports chassis enhanced ability to control movement of the suite, built on the M models as multi-function steering wheel, sports seats, top gear mainly.


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