Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Audi launchs cross-border car, may be named Q1

After Audi Q3, Audi's SUV models have been increased to 3, the confidence SUV and confidence market's increased indefinitely. Audi has been before hinted that it would launch a Q1 model, recently, foreign media reported that Audi is planning to launch a new cross-border model, this model will be based on the Audi A1 platform to build, we speculate that Audi is likely to Q1.

Audi Q1 imaginary map

In fact, the name Q1 is based on vehicle characteristics and the media naming convention for the time being the first Audi styling, Audi has not announced the official name of the new models. Since this derivative model is based on the A1 platform to build, then its body size and not too large, it should take the compact appearance of cross-border routes, and these brothers compared to Q3 and Q5, Q1 may be more athletic shape.

It is reported that Audi Q1 will be a variety of models are expected in addition to the five-door outside, there will be three doors, and perhaps there will be full of passion convertible. According to Audi one insider said, "We do not see other manufacturers are doing, but we are looking at the introduction of different body styles."

Audi Q1 imaginary map

Demands from the market, Audi Q1 is a product of market segments, its size is small, but the configuration luxury, small SUV's design is consistent with the current trend. As the A1 platform restrictions and vehicle positioning, this model is likely not a pure SUV.

The car is currently still in the argument, when the launch is still uncertain. The public is likely to feel the pressure of the Ford and GM, Yin Fute with GM were recently released its small SUV - Ford Ecosport and Buick Encore, and the two vehicles have made ​​the news release, so Audi also can not wait.


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